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[TUTORIAL] How to disable autoplay music on others’ blogs

Like I’ve said before, having autoplay music on  your blog is basically the equivalent of ripping out someone’s earphones and jamming in your own: it gets annoying fast. Not only that, it should be taken into consideration that not everyone has the luxury of fast and unlimited internet. Some have very slow connection speeds, in which case loading music slows it down even more, and some have limited internet usage, and autoplay music keeps loading even after it is paused, which adds to usage. It’s pretty disrespectful, and also startles people. 

So for those who would like to browse blogs without having to deal with autoplay, there’s a fix. You need to download AdBlock Plus, which is a free and very nifty browser add-on that disables ads, including popup ads and video ads on YouTube. Downloads below:

Chrome // Firefox // Opera

Click ‘read more’ for instructions on how to use ABP to disable autoplay.

Once installed, go to your “tools” page, and then your extensions page if you have one, and find the AdBlock Plus extension. Click “options" under the ABP extension, and you should be taken to a page that looks something like this


select the tab that says “add your own filters" (circled above in red). There is no single filter that disables all autoplay music players, there are filters specific to the different music players out there. To block a specific player, copy and paste text into the box that looks like this


and then click “+ add filter" once you have pasted the code into the box.

These are the most common music players on blogs:

SheepProductions “Billy” player:*?autoplay=true


SCM Player

Hypster Player*{‘autostart’:’true’

Your box should now look like this


These codes will remove any music player that is set to autoplay. If a user’s music is not set to autoplay, their music player will appear as normal and you have the option to play the music. 

Hope this works for you guys! ヽ(;▽;)ノ Drop me a message off anonymous here if you have any other questions

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