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jaeger-huntress asked: I am very perplexed by what is going on? Why am I seeing such message and answers on my dash, care to enlighten please? Because I feel as if you think you have reached godhood. erens-Jaeger-bombs has had many rude people say things to her, at least she takes them maturely. What you are doing is plain inexplicable and has no reason to happen at all. You are going to lose followers, do not get too high on it. It's not cool: it's stupid,no justifications.

Y’know I’ve always felt this place was kinda toxic in the sense that if a person felt good about themselves, shared opinions even without attacking others, and openly loved the things they loved, people gave you shit you for it.

I think I contribute positively to fandoms I’m in, I have never tagged hate and actively stand against obnoxiously spreading hate, and I also think I don’t deserve to be told I’m arrogant and rude for not replying kindly to unkind messages. 

Not sure what your definition of maturely replying to rude anon messages is. I actually delete most I get because replying them seems pointless, and I delete almost ask asks a short while after I post them anyway. A few anon comments are funny to me and I reply back with dry humour. 

Godhood? Idk but I do think I’m in charge of my blog here.

I won’t apologize for you thinking I’m immature and stupid for not taking anon hate seriously. If I lose followers for it I don’t mind, but thanks for your concern.

Anonymous asked: Lol, I just saw the previous ask and was really shocked. I mean, I've never seen you as arrogant or rude. You seem cool, though :D. One of the coolest pple on my dash ;p

There’s a fandom or two I’m really not popular with LOL

Thank you though!

Anonymous asked: You're so rude, I'm totally unfollowing you.

don’t let the door hit you on the way out 8^)